Discussing the NIRPC Staff Analysis of the Illiana Expressway

Frank Manzo IV is the Policy Director of the Illinois Economic Policy Institute (ILEPI). Visit ILEPI at www.illinoisepi.org or follow ILEPI on Twitter @illinoisEPI.

On November 27, the Northwest Indiana Regional Planning Commission (NIRPC) uploaded its completed staff analysis on the Illiana Corridor and its consistency with the organization’s 2040 Comprehensive Regional Plan (CRP). The analysis reviewed all the areas where the Illiana Expressway positively or negatively impacts the quality of life for the residents of Northwest Indiana but did not offer a direct recommendation to the NIRPC Executive Board, which on December 12 will vote on whether the project should go forward.

The analysis identified 62 unique objectives of the CRP, and found that the project is consistent with 13 of those goals, inconsistent with 8, and has mixed, neutral, or uncertain impacts on 41 other goals. Below, we at ILEPI synthesize, discuss, and critique these findings.

The 13 Consistencies

  1. Congestion management process
  2. Integrate local, regional, and national transportation systems to facilitate movement of people and freight between modes
  3. Reduce congestion on major freight and passenger routes
  4. Improve the internal connectivity of the transportation network
  5. Use and expansion of transportation and other infrastructure advantages Continue reading “Discussing the NIRPC Staff Analysis of the Illiana Expressway”