Podcast: All Policy Is Local

Episode 9 of the For A Living Podcast is now available on Soundcloud and on iTunes.

Professor Robert BrunoProfessor Emily E. LB Twarog, and Frank Manzo IV discuss state and local initiatives to support workers. Topics include the minimum wage, paid sick time, paid safe time, fair scheduling laws, prevailing wage laws, responsible bidder ordinances, local hire ordinances, and other policies. Continue reading “Podcast: All Policy Is Local”


Illinois’ Two-Headed Beast: Pensions and Infrastructure

It is no secret Illinois faces significant financial challenges. A new Policy Brief [PDF] by the Illinois Economic Policy Institute discusses the costs of unfunded pension liabilities and infrastructure deficits in Illinois. Full Report: Illinois’ Two-Headed Beast: Unfunded Pension Liabilities and … Continue reading Illinois’ Two-Headed Beast: Pensions and Infrastructure


Prevailing Wage Repeal Would Hurt Kentucky’s Economy

Repealing Kentucky’s prevailing wage law would weaken the state’s economy, according to a new study.

Eliminating prevailing wage would cause a pay cut for middle-class workers, qualify more workers for public assistance, slash apprenticeship training, and result in more of Kentucky’s tax dollars going to out-of-state or foreign contractors. Veterans, who populate construction trades at a higher rate than non-veterans, would be particularly impacted if Kentucky were to repeal its prevailing wage standards.

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