ILEPI is Seeking a Policy Analyst!

The Illinois Economic Policy Institute (ILEPI) is hiring!

For full details and to apply, click here: ILEPI Policy Analyst.

[UPDATE: This position was filled as of May 20, 2016.]

ILEPI seeks one (1) qualified candidate to employ as a full-time Policy Analyst, Budget Analyst, or Transportation Analyst. The duties and responsibilities of the position will approximately be divided as follows: 75% to research and analysis, 15% to relationship-building and policy influence, and 10% to organizational growth tasks.

The ideal candidate must hold a master’s degree with coursework in economics, public policy, urban planning, political science, public administration, labor relations, sociology, business administration, statistics, or a related field by June 2016. An appropriate combination of education and experience may substitute for the master’s degree requirement. Effective communication skills, excellent quantitative skills (e.g., advanced use of Stata or GIS mapping programs), and teamwork skills are desired. Experience in economic research, transportation policy, government finance, labor unions, and/or the construction industry is also a plus.

Once again, to see the full posting and details on how to apply, click here: ILEPI Policy Analyst.

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