40 Occupations That Pay Over $100,000 in Illinois

Which occupations in Illinois are the highest-paying? Look to management, medicine, and STEM.

Surgeons, financial managers, physicists, and lawyers are a few of the highest-paying occupations in Illinois – based on median annual wages calculated by the U.S. Department of Labor’ Bureau of Labor Statistics from May 2017.

In total, 13 of the 40 highest-paying occupations in Illinois are in management positions (32.5%). Healthcare occupations account for 11 of the top 40 positions that pay $100,000 or more (27.5%). Other STEM occupations make up 9 of the top 40 (22.5%). The vast majority of the highest-paying occupations in Illinois require a bachelor’s or an advanced degree.

Are you interested in what occupations lead to a highly paid salary? Check out the top 40 occupations in Illinois with the highest annual salaries below.






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