Illinois Insights – Summer 2019

The Summer 2019 Edition of ILEPI’s newsletter, Illinois Insights, has been released.

The Illinois Economic Policy Institute (ILEPI) has released the Summer 2019 Edition of our quarterly newsletter, Illinois Insights. New legislative initiatives were passed by Illinois’ General Assembly and signed by the Governor within the last quarter. Many of the major pieces of legislation were researched by ILEPI in the past, including cannabis legalization, sports betting legalization, and the passage of the historic infrastructure bill.

In addition, the Summer Edition of Illinois Insights highlights ILEPI’s study on the effects of repealing prevailing wage in West Virginia. In May 2016, West Virginia repealed its prevailing wage law with lawmakers claiming that the state could “build five new schools for the price of three.” These claims were unfounded. Since repeal, hourly wages have fallen for construction workers – hurting both workers and the local economy. To learn more, read the newsletter!

As always, we updated Illinois’ economic indicators, but we have added the Illinois Flash Index, a new indicator!

Want to know more? We’ve also included links to the most recent news articles citing our research!

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Cover Photo from Flickr Creative Commons User, Seyed Mostafa Zamani (2009).