Illinois Insights – March 2022 Edition

The March 2022 Edition of ILEPI’s newsletter, Illinois Insights, has been released.

This Edition discusses three recent reports:

  • How classifying Uber and Lyft drivers in the Chicago-area as employees would raise incomes for nearly 30,000 drivers and would generate $20 million more in state, federal, and social insurance tax revenues each year in Illinois.
  • Prevailing wage laws don’t only raise incomes of construction workers, they also increase wages of custodial workers by 6%-10%.
  • Fair workweek laws succeed in boosting wages, job stability, and employee retention in the retail, food service, and hospitality industries. A bill introduced in the Illinois House of Representatives would expand Chicago’s fair workweek law to the entire state, which could impact more than 1 million workers if passed.

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