Illinois Insights – June 2022

The June 2022 Edition of ILEPI’s newsletter, Illinois Insights, has been released.

This Edition discusses two recent reports:

  • Planned expansions in broadband infrastructure in Illinois will address the digital divide, connect nearly 565,000 residents to high-speed internet, create 25,000 short-term and long-term jobs, grow the economy by billions of dollars, and pay for themselves within a decade.
  • Surveys of more than 5,000 construction firms nationwide reveal that the construction labor shortage is far less severe for union contractors. Compared to nonunion firms, union contractors were 16% less likely to report difficulty filling open positions, 13% less likely to be losing workers, and 21% less likely to report project delays due to shortages of workers.

As always, the Edition also includes “Illinois Economic Indicators.” Illinois added 235,800 jobs in the past 12 months and average private-sector wages have grown over 5% to nearly $33 per hour.

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