Welcome to The Illinois Update!

The Illinois Economic Policy Institute is pleased to announce the launch of The Illinois Update, an educational media project designed to report on public policies that impact Illinois and the Midwest.

The primary goal of The Illinois Update is to inform and update the residents of Illinois about “high-road” solutions that advance broad-based prosperity for all. We aim for this website to become a trusted source of economic, policy, and social content for the people of Illinois.

Think of The Illinois Update as FiveThirtyEight.com meets FactCheck.org meets CapitolFax.com for Illinois residents.

The Illinois Update is a significant improvement over our previous WordPress blog, and it may also include evidence-based articles from individuals that are not directly affiliated with the Illinois Economic Policy Institute.

We hope you enjoy the new website! If you do, please subscribe to The Illinois Update by scrolling down and entering your email address below, like the Illinois Economic Policy Institute on Facebook, and follow the Illinois Economic Policy Institute on Twitter.

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