I-80: Exemplifying the Need for Infrastructure Investment

Interstate 80 near Joliet is a prime example of a roadway in desperate need of improvements.  Built in the 1960s as an original portion of the interstate highway system, it is a crucial east-west corridor for both the Chicago region and the nation.  However, inadequate infrastructure funding on both the state and federal levels has left travelers in the lurch, subjecting them to not only the inconvenience of congestion and an inefficient roadway, but also safety issues. Continue reading “I-80: Exemplifying the Need for Infrastructure Investment”

New Study Says I-80 Near Joliet in “Desperate Need” of Repairs, Improvement

Thursday Community Town Hall Meeting Convened State and Local Leaders to Discuss Local Highway Infrastructure Needs Joliet: As highlighted at a Thursday Town Hall meeting in Joliet – where state transportation leaders gathered to discuss Will County’s highway infrastructure needs – an Illinois … Continue reading New Study Says I-80 Near Joliet in “Desperate Need” of Repairs, Improvement

Illinois Has Doled Out $5 Billion in Corporate Subsidies Since 1985

Since 1985, state and local governments in Illinois have doled out at least $5 billion in economic development subsidies.  In particular, three companies have received over $900 million from Illinois taxpayers: Sears, Mitsubishi Motors, and Motorola.  In these three cases, employment eventually fell and plants even closed despite the massive amounts of money provided.  Continue reading “Illinois Has Doled Out $5 Billion in Corporate Subsidies Since 1985”

In Support of Route 53/120

The proposed extension of Route 53/120 will bring jobs to Lake County and improve overall transportation movements for residents by alleviating traffic congestion.  These improvements will make Lake County more attractive to prospective businesses, which will provide significant economic benefits. Construction of the Route 53/120 extension will actually provide a net benefit to the local economy and improve the quality of life for Lake County residents.

Continue reading “In Support of Route 53/120”

Nuclear Energy is the Foundation for a Clean Energy Future in Illinois

A thriving economy is dependent upon affordable, low-carbon energy.  As nuclear energy currently serves as a pillar of electricity production in Illinois and is emission-free, it should be looked upon to serve as the foundation of future clean energy.  A Policy Brief [PDF] by the Illinois Economic Policy Institute explores nuclear energy’s role in Illinois’ energy future.  State policymakers should carefully consider the path to reaching future emissions standards and the ramifications of nuclear plant retirements.  Continue reading “Nuclear Energy is the Foundation for a Clean Energy Future in Illinois”

Illinois’ Changing Energy Sector

A change is undoubtedly upon Illinois’ energy sector.  As illustrated in a new Economic Commentary by the Illinois Economic Policy Institute, the recent proliferation of natural gas, the development of renewable energy policies at both the federal and state level, and increased regulations on coal should inspire the state to pursue alternative energy sources to address the state’s energy production deficit and support the environment.  Continue reading “Illinois’ Changing Energy Sector”