Grow Up.

We’re sick of the dysfunction in Illinois.

As someone who was born after 1981, I am considered a “millennial.” Last summer, my generation became the largest cohort in America.

We outnumber all other generations, but still it often seems that elected officials in Springfield have little concern for our general well-being.

Millennials tend to think that the government should be more involved in making college affordable, helping the poor, and creating jobs. We care about equality – both economic and social. And a smaller share of us sees a real difference between the Republicans and the Democrats.

So let’s just take a quick look at how Illinois is faring on those policy issues – college affordability, helping the poor, job creation, and equality. Continue reading “Grow Up.”

Economic Inequality in Illinois

First-Of-Its-Kind Study for Illinois Finds that Inequality has Increased to Great Depression-Era Levels, Driven by a Redistribution of Wealth from Labor to Capital

Economic inequality in Illinois has increased to levels not seen in decades, according to a new study by the Illinois Economic Policy Institute (ILEPI).

The report, entitled The History of Economic Inequality in Illinois: 1850-2014, is the first ever historical analysis of wealth inequality, income inequality, and the labor-capital divide in Illinois.

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