In Support of Route 53/120

The proposed extension of Route 53/120 will bring jobs to Lake County and improve overall transportation movements for residents by alleviating traffic congestion.  These improvements will make Lake County more attractive to prospective businesses, which will provide significant economic benefits. Construction of the Route 53/120 extension will actually provide a net benefit to the local economy and improve the quality of life for Lake County residents.

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Illinois’ Two-Headed Beast: Pensions and Infrastructure

It is no secret Illinois faces significant financial challenges. A new Policy Brief [PDF] by the Illinois Economic Policy Institute discusses the costs of unfunded pension liabilities and infrastructure deficits in Illinois. Full Report: Illinois’ Two-Headed Beast: Unfunded Pension Liabilities and … Continue reading Illinois’ Two-Headed Beast: Pensions and Infrastructure

Survey Says: The Views of Top Economics & Policy Professors in Illinois

A new poll finds that Illinois’ top economics and policy professors strongly support infrastructure investment, public education, immigration, and international free trade agreements. The state’s economic and policy experts also marginally support labor unions and minimum wage laws, with most in favor of raising Illinois’ minimum wage. Finally, a significant majority do not think that politicians have a strong understanding of economic principles.  Continue reading “Survey Says: The Views of Top Economics & Policy Professors in Illinois”

Illinois Should Restore Wind Energy Funding

The State of Illinois should restore investment in wind power and other clean energy infrastructure to at least 2015 levels, according to the Illinois Economic Policy Institute in a new Economic Commentary [PDF].

Wind power generates positive impacts for the people of Illinois. Previous investments already prevent the emission of 7.6 million metric tons of carbon dioxide from Illinois and save 4.5 billion gallons of water every year. In addition, wind power has saved Illinois residents millions of dollars.

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The Decline of Motor Fuel Tax Revenue in Illinois

Despite GDP Growth, Motor Fuel Tax Revenue Declines in Illinois

Despite modest economic growth, motor fuel tax revenue has fallen significantly in Illinois. The Illinois economy has grown by 31.2% since 2005, not adjusted for inflation. Meanwhile, an analysis of Illinois’ Comprehensive Annual Financial Reports finds that nominal motor fuel tax revenue collected has fallen by 9.4% since 2005.

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