Podcast: All Policy Is Local

Episode 9 of the For A Living Podcast is now available on Soundcloud and on iTunes.

Professor Robert BrunoProfessor Emily E. LB Twarog, and Frank Manzo IV discuss state and local initiatives to support workers. Topics include the minimum wage, paid sick time, paid safe time, fair scheduling laws, prevailing wage laws, responsible bidder ordinances, local hire ordinances, and other policies. Continue reading “Podcast: All Policy Is Local”

Podcast: “Right-to-Work” Regulations and Unions

Episode 3 of For A Living focuses on “right-to-work” laws. The podcast is available on iTunes and on SoundCloud.

What are so-called “right-to-work” laws? What is the historical background of these laws? What are their policy implications for the working class? Where are current political and legal battles occurring?

Professor Robert BrunoProfessor Emily E. LB Twarog, and I are joined by Dale Pierson, a Chicago-area labor lawyer who has served as General Counsel of the International Union of Operating Engineers (IUOE) Local 150 since 2002, to answer these questions.

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Continue reading “Podcast: “Right-to-Work” Regulations and Unions”